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Drivers license renewal is required across the country in order to maintain your driving privileges. Motorists caught without a license or with an expired license will face various penalties, including fines. Fortunately, the process of renewing your drivers license can be completed in various ways. You can submit your request in person at a local DMV office, but the wait times can be long and office hours are always inflexible, forcing you to take time out of your busy schedule to wait for service. You can apply by mail by filling out and sending in the necessary forms and payment, but incorrect or incomplete information often results in delays and you run the risk of having your payment and personal identifying information lost in transit. As such, the simplest, most convenient and most secure option is to complete your driver license renewal entirely online.

Simply fill out our digital application to submit your driver license renewal request in minutes. By providing the same information you would need to apply in person or by mail and submitting payment for the applicable fees, you can renew your driving license from the comfort of your own home.

Drivers license renewal should be completed before your driving license expires to avoid any consequences. States determine how early or how late you can renew your driving license without penalties, and certain locations will even allow you to renew your expired license without a problem, if you submit your request within a specific time frame. If you are ready to renew your license within your state’s established time limit, then you can easily submit your request online.

As a driver’s license holder, it is also important to know which situations will not allow you to renew your driving privileges. If your license to drive is lost, stolen, damaged or completely destroyed (and you are not within the established time frame to renew your credentials), then you will need to perform a separate transaction to replace your license. In any case, note that a license replacement will have the same expiration date as the previous credential. Therefore, when the replacement license approaches expiration, it will need to be renewed.

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